About Us

Smart Travel LLC was established on June 12th, 2015 with just seven employees. The trademark registered company in a short span of 6 years has become an international brand to be reckoned with and a trusted partner of U.A.E. visitors and travellers.

Today, Smart Travel is a family of over 100 employees and 7 branches in the U.A.E. with expansion plans to start 6 more branches by the end of 2023 across the Middle East, Europe and India.

The company, which has seen phenomenal growth with an annual turnover of AED 350 million, now aspired on becoming the leading B2B and B2C travel agency with an estimated turnover of over AED 700 million by 2025.

Smart Travel believes in implementing exemplary CSR activities which include fighting hunger, ensuring good health, improving labour policies, staff family welfare and promoting diversity.